PROPULSIO is a project management method based on creativity. Depending on your needs, we suggest a three-step approach or 3 different offers:

1. Acceleration

Our workshops enable you to structure your project in a creative and efficient way: we help you develop innovative ideas that are then turned into solutions.

2. Mentoring

We manage your project in order to develop your solutions: corporate identify construction, website or mobile application development.

3. Training

No-nonsense practical workshops primarily designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers: being equipped for improved communication!


design-thinkingCo-creation process that enhances performance et team innovation skills. By engaging the brain and hands at the same time, you increase the brain’s ability to learn and solve problems.


design-thinkingMultiple step approach focused on the user:
Inspiration / Ideation / Implementation
Focusing on the user’s needs, we build the solution through iteration and rapid prototyping.


creative-problem-solvingProblem-solving method developed by Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes in the 1950’s. CPS combines a structured process to techniques and roles assigned to the various parties involved in this process.

facilitation-visuelleWe leverage visual thinking in order to enrich the production of ideas and maximize collective intelligence.

All our services include some graphic facilitation in order to clarify complex data and enhance information sharing.

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