Our expert consulting mainly focuses on the field of communication.

Our mentoring services are not limited to books on strategic recommendations: we work on the basis that our team members possess a large portion of the knowledge and the collective power can literally move mountains.

We often facilitate upstream of a phase of strategic monitoring for the collaborative workshops in order to engage a true transformation drive.

Agence conseil en communication

The levers we rely on that make a difference 


We apply the principles of empathy found in Design Thinking to properly listen to your needs and understand them.


All the recommendations that we make are co-built with your teams, in a spirit of sharing.

Stimulating creativity

Our creative tools are not limited to our collaborative workshops, they are used in all meetings (especially when they are of a very serious nature).


We work with an agile approach and proceed by way of iterations or “sprints” when developing all our projects.

Our services

Coaching et formation en pitch

Storytelling / pitching

Going over and above a mere consultancy service, we offer an approach derived from Design Thinking which enables you to focus on your clients!

Coaching agile

Agile Project Management

Trust our expert knowledge in the agile culture and project management in order to deploy the principles of agility within your company!

Does this approach appeal to you?