Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Today, it is impossible to start a business or a charity programme without a digital strategy to ensure the growth of the organisation.

The visibility and reputation of any company involves the web as well as social media. Creating a beautiful website, hoping clients will come running is wishful thinking!

Your objectives can be multiple:

  • Increasing your company’s online visibility
  • Increasing your Website’s conversion rate
  • Targeting new clients
  • Promoting new products

The stages of our digital strategy programme

Définition des objectifs

1. Defining the objectives

Identification du positionnement

2. Identifying the positioning

Segmentation (réalisation de personae)

3. Segmentation (creating personas)

 Choix des canaux

4. Choosing channels

Définition d’une ligne éditoriale

5. Defining an editorial policy

Mise en place des indicateurs de suivi

6. Implementing monitoring indicators

Our approach

Going over and above a mere consultancy service, we offer a collaborative approach co-developed with your teams. After all, we are experts in facilitation!

For example, we use Design Thinking tools which help create empathy towards the client. As a result, your digital strategy will have a lot more substance and will have an enhanced human dimension. Above all, it will focus on your clients’ needs!

You need expert support for your digital strategy?

All our consulting services

Conseil en stratégie digitale

Digital strategy

Going over and above a mere consultancy service, we offer an approach derived from Design Thinking which enables you to focus on your clients!

Coaching et formation en pitch

Storytelling / pitching

Your pitch must be sharp and inspiring so as to inspire your consumers or clients. Telling your brand or your project’s story and truly engage your audience!

UX Design

Website creation

We develop tailored digital interfaces based on the principles of agility. This helps deliver increased value to your clients and increase your visibility!

Coaching agile

Agile Project Management

Trust our expert knowledge in the agile culture and project management in order to deploy the principles of agility within your company!