Storytelling / pitch

Storytelling / pitching

Co-write your brand’s story!

Today, the editorial content around a brand or a product is essential in a marketing strategy: your pitch must be sharp and inspiring so as to inspire your consumers or clients.

We offer collaborative workshops the aim of which being to co-write, as a team, your communication materials. Our storytelling techniques allow you to define a powerful speech and to then unfold it across various media (websites, presentation videos, business proposals, etc.)

Depending on your needs, your communication is collectively developed and tested verbally and in writing… in 3 hours, in 1 day or in 2 days. Our visual and creative tools will make you permanently forget your blank page syndrome!

We are not the ones writing your content. We define it together. We want it to reflect you, to be authentic and sincere: the key to successful storytelling.

How does a storytelling workshop take place?

We provide support for the three dimensions that make storytelling:


Telling your brand or your project’s story


Imagining strong visuals which will highlight the words you have chosen


Taking the floor and embodying the message with strength

You rather tell stories than sell products?

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Storytelling / pitching

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