Co-creating your company’s “Reason For Being” workshops

Co-creating your company’s “Reason For Being” workshops

The French PACTE Law added to Article 1833 of the Civil Code: 

The Company is managed in its corporate interest and by taking into consideration the social and environmental issues pertaining to its activity”.

Consequently, companies who wish so can register a “Reason for Being” in their Articles of Association, in accordance with Article 1835 of the Civil Code.

How to find a “Reason for Being”? How to avoid displaying a slogan or an ambition that gives the impression of a meaningless punchline?

The Reason for Being is the company’s backbone: It is not defined in a snap as it implies raising existential questions such as the “why” of the company and its mission in society. The stakes are high and, for companies who wish so, it is worth involving a portion of the team members to co-construct this “Reason for Being”.

Methodological approach

The format of this workshop hinges on your needs, but our recommendation in terms of the course of action is as follows:


Workshop in a small committee (Executive Committee or Senior Managers) in order to pave the way and define key directions


Workshop involving more team members in order to foster collective dynamics

Chose a co-construction approach for your Reason for Being!

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