Design Sprint workshops

Design Sprint workshops

Where does Design Sprint come from?

Inspired by Design Thinking and agile methods (including Lean Start-up), Design Sprint is a 5-day workshop during which all the stages of Design Thinking are experimented with: inspiration, conceptualisation and realisation.

A methodology created by the Google Ventures teams in 2014, and by Jake Knapp in particular. It has since been used in many companies wishing to apply the “product culture” derived from start-ups to themselves.

As a result, specifications are replaced by this collaborative workshop in order to materialise the solution through a POC (Proof of Concept) or an animated model – generally a web tool, but an object or a service can also be prototyped.

This allows you to launch, on a larger scale, a prototype in record time in order to test the feasibility of an idea or to accelerate a project with Management.

Quel est le déroulé d’un Design Sprint ?

Day 1: Understanding
Clarifying the context and formulating the challenge

Day 2: Diverging
Generating as many solutions as possible in response to the challenge

Day 3: Deciding
Choosing together the best solution

Day 4: Prototyping
Performing the POC of the solution

Day 5: Testing
Testing the solution with users

You want to test a new methodology so as to accelerate the launch of a product?

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