LEGO Serious Play workshops

LEGO Serious Play workshops

The LEGO Serious Play Method® is a method used to stimulate creativity for the purpose of facilitating meetings, communicating and solving problems. As its name implies, the participants rely only on LEGO bricks to model values, concepts or ideas – both on an individual and a collective level. We use the metaphorical power of LEGO bricks to foster sharing and exchanging.

Where does the LEGO Serious Play Method originate from?

Developed by LEGO’s R&D teams, in conjunction with the MIT and the Lausanne IMD, the LEGO Serious Play Method is a co-creation process that helps improve the performance and capacity for innovation of a team or a company. 

The designers based their approach on studies which had proven that this type of activity – based on the combined use of hands and brain – helps better understand the present context as well as potential future strategies. 

In what cases should LEGO Serious Play be used?

LEGO Serious Play is recommended when resolving complex problems, when the team is expected to collectively produce innovative ideas and when the aim is to explore these solutions with a real and tangible approach. Here are a few examples of challenges which can be explored:

  •  Clarifying the collective vision
  •  Defining strategic focuses
  •  Creating businesses
  •  Co-creating new products or services 

Why is it effective?

Building with your hands in 3D helps easily materialise your imagination, without necessarily mastering creative or artistic techniques. The method comprises steps which all have a precise and short time span. This quickly leads to tangible results. Every moment of construction is followed by a moment of storytelling, where each and everyone presents their model and the metaphor that they explored.

Consequently, all profiles (introverted/extroverted, left/right brain, pragmatic/conceptual, etc.) are a 100% involved and rallied.

How long does it take?

Depending on the team’s objective and the complexity of the challenge to be met, a workshop can last anything between 1 and 2 days. Half-day mini-workshops can be organised but they are solely discovery workshops the aim of which is to implement collaborative dynamics.

The minimum duration required to take full advantage of the power of LEGO bricks is an entire day.

What are the deliverables at the end of the day?

All the individual and collective models are photographed during the entire course of the workshop. Some moments of collective sharing around the models are also recorded. 

A written summary can also be drafted for an additional charge. 

The approach is of a rather exploratory nature and can be paired with other creative techniques such as Creative Problem Solving or Innovation Games so as to further the potential solutions having arisen from the LEGO Serious Play workshop.

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