Strategic meetings

Strategic meetings

Do you tend to go round in circles during your Executive Committees? Do you have the feeling you are not being productive or efficient enough during certain work meetings?

Let one of PROPULSIO’s expert facilitators lead your meetings: They know how to maximize your meeting times, and how to put forward a format which allows for increased participation and enhanced deliverables.

We use creative tools that foster sharing and exchanging as well as active co-building.

We offer comprehensive support: you book the room and organise the coffee break, we take care of the rest!

Facilitons vos réunions stratégiques

The various steps of a strategic meeting


  • Clarifying the objective of the meeting
  • Ensuring that the objective to be met has a meaning for the targeted participants and is motivating.
  • Collecting and summarising all the data required to understand the issues involved
  • Checking the participants’ profiles 
  • Building a facilitation guide
  • Choosing the facilitation tools to be used for each sequence
  • Validating the agenda with the client


  • Reminding the agenda
  • Building a climate conducive to the successful conduct of the work session
  • Using tools that allow everyone to have a voice
  • Rephrasing what is being said so as to clarify statements, if required
  • Ensuring everyone is actively participating
  • Ensuring that all the important issued discussed are taken into consideration
  • Remaining neutral with regards to the content
  • Encouraging the participants to decide
  • Validating the commitments for the future


  • Supervising the meeting’s summary
  • Following up on the plan of action

What if you put a new twist to your meetings?

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