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Ateliers de créativité PROPULSIO

Creativity Workshops

Creative workshops to give impulse to your ideas, turn them into innovative operational solutions then build an action plan.

Digital Communication

Send your projects into orbit through an inspiring and fun user-orientated method: together, we co-build your digital tool.


Our workshops are designed to boost creativity skills and to improve teamwork: easy tools and techniques that can be applied immediately!

Give impulse to your ideas!

A strict methodological framework

To guarantee a successful problem solving or creative challenge process, we implement solid upstream workshop preparation as well as support ideas all the way to the definition phase of the plan of action.

A network of experts in creativity

PROPULSIO is part of a network of experienced practitioners with complementary talents.

Tools that stimulate your imagination

To add sparkle to your ideas, we develop inspiring tools that enhance these ideas and turn them into innovative operational solutions.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop
Storytelling Workshop
Web Project Framework
Team Seminar
Design Sprint
Brand Identity

Send your projects into orbit!

Animated graphics
Visual graphics
Web Development

An agile team

Using our creative talents, our team transforms your ideas into efficient communication tools!

We implemented agile processes and use visual tools for faster and performing results.

Boost your knowledge!

Practical workshops

No nonsense hands on workshops and highly practical training that give you the keys to immediately put everything into practice.

Playful and visual tools

We make full use of all the levers of visual thinking as well as the Innovation Games approach to energize the learning process.

Experts at your service

Solid techniques to boost your knowledge and become more autonomous with tools and techniques essential to boost your performance.

All our training programs can be financed by means of your OPCA.

Design Thinking for Innovation
Facilitate Creative Meetings
Unleash your Creative Potential
Generate Innovative Ideas
Discover Creative Problem Solving
Agile Project Management

Our training sessions are all available in English. We can accommodate your specific needs or design custom programs. Our catalogue is only available in French: you can contact us for more details.

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