Who is behind Propulsio ?



I’ve been around, in many agencies and companies in publishing and communication, before becoming freelance in 2011.

I discovered the Creative Problem Solving in 2011 and this process had been leading my professional path since then. I work in French, Italian and English.

  • Trained in Creative Problem Solving since 2004
  • FourSight certified 2010
  • Innovation Games certified in 2015
  • LEGO Serious Play certified in 2016

My conviction

I launched PROPULSIO because I believe that work can be done in a fun, efficient and cheerful way and that projects are built collectively. As a consultant, I put my expertise at your service while engaging each client to develop ITS solution through co-design.

A network of experts

For each new project, I put together a flexible and mobile team of experts that I enjoy working with: creativity practitioners, visual facilitators, graphic designers, developers, designers and other talents according to your needs.