We organise the facilitation of group times in various manners (company seminars, strategic meetings, collaborative workshops) with various strategic objectives.

Facilitating collective intelligence means:

  • Being an expert in interactions and group dynamics
  • Preparing shared sessions, fine tuned to the objectives and the type of public
  • Improvising on-the-spot, by listening to the group’s needs
  • Ensuring everyone participates
  • Nurturing a kind and collaborative spirit so as to maximize the collective production
  • Engaging individual energies

Collective intelligence is not a fashionable word. It helps your team members become the players of their meetings or seminars, instead of passively submitting to top-to-down work sessions.

We very regularly facilitate in French and in English. Other languages are also possible!

We facilitate in the following formats, 100% made-to-measure:

Facilitating collaborative workshops

Collaborative workshops

Des workshops créatifs et ludiques pour donner de l’élan à vos idées, les transformer en solutions opérationnelles innovantes et bâtir un plan d’engagement pour les équipes

Facilitating team seminars

Team seminars

Forget the traditional “PowerPoint presentations in the morning and fun team building in the afternoon for everyone to relax”: associate strategic content with collaborative work and fun sessions!

Facilitating meetings

Strategic meetings

Let our expert facilitators lead your meetings: They know how to maximize your meeting times, and how to put forward a format which allows for increased participation.

Examples of workshops

These are specific workshops, for which the methodology has already been partly identified based on the objectives. Evidently, these workshops can be tailored to your strategic objectives.

LEGO Serious Play workshop

The LEGO Serious Play method is recommended to resolve complex problems and when the aim is to explore certain subjects with a real and tangible approach.

Project scoping workshop

A PROPULSIO proprietary methodology derived from agile methods, Design Thinking, storytelling and creative problem solving.

Design Sprint

A methodology created by the Google Ventures teams in 2014. It has since been used in many companies wishing to increase their agility.

Atelier Raison d'être

“Reason for Being” workshop

How to discover your “Reason for Being”? How to avoid displaying a slogan or an ambition that gives the impression of a meaningless punchline?

You need one or several facilitators for an upcoming project or event in your company?