Collaborative workshops

Collaborative workshops

You want to involve your team members in a new project, such as creating a new Website or launching a new product? You need to bring together your team members or partners in order to make effective progress on the project and accelerate its launch?

Trust your teams’ collective intelligence and let us organise and facilitate a collaborative workshop!

What are your objectives?

  • Creating social bonding
  • Generating ideas for a new project
  • Co-building a vision

For every need there is a specific type of workshop with collaborative practices tailored to the group’s needs.

How is a workshop organised?

We are there every step of the way before, during and after the workshop in order to:

1. Clarify

All our workshops are made-to-measure: after your brief, which allows us to understand your request and expectations, we present you with a general course of action and a business proposal. After the quote has been approved, we begin working on the workshop’s exact course of action, the strategy of which is approved by yourselves. We can also manage all the logistical and material aspects if this makes your life easier!

2. Facilitate

We host the workshop on the day, alone or as a team, depending on the number of participants and the objectives in terms of deliverables. Our mission: have the team work in-depth without anyone having the impression they are working!

3. Summarize

After the workshop, we send a summary which includes all the materials produced during the course of the day. Recommendations in terms of implementation may also be suggested, depending in the project’s subject matters and nature.

Methodological approach

Certain workshops rely on a unique methodology and follow a very well-defined process. Most of the time, we mix together several collaborative approaches, depending on the needs and the subject matter.All our workshops hinge on three powerful levers:


We are convinced that a passionate team can achieve the impossible (and do much better that a team of experts) if it has received clear guidance. The enthusiasm of each and everyone combined with additional expert knowledge make it possible to co-create inspiring solutions.

Visual facilitation

We rely on various visual tools which enable the group to view and further its production in real time: murals, visual templates, maps and idea visualisation tools.

Creative detour

Our will is to leverage the group’s full potential by stimulating each and everyone’s creativity, by releasing tensions and exploring new avenues for the imagination, through creative and innovative techniques.

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