Team seminars

Team seminars

You want to bring together your team or your department in order to co-build a shared vision? You need to discuss matters with your teams in a pleasant and motivating environment?

Forget the traditional “PowerPoint presentations in the morning and fun team building in the afternoon for everyone to relax”: associate strategic content with collaborative work and fun sessions!

Let PROPULSIO organise your seminars with a view to collectively draw meaning and to then internally disseminate the benefits of the seminar over many months.

Our company seminars make a difference on these 3 key focuses:

  • The seminar’s upstream co-design phase with the Management Team in charge of the seminar often makes it possible to challenge various strategic components with regards to the company’s vision.
  • The seminar is designed on a 100% made-to-measure basis: we do not have a generic course of action that we sell to all our clients!
  • We rely on a team of experienced facilitators, with complementary expert knowledge.

We use all the necessary resources to strongly engage the teams present.

Our approach

Playful approach

We are convinced that our work as a team can be a lot richer and deeper when we have the impression we’re having fun. This is what we call “working fun”!

Interactive format

Forget boring top-to-bottom presentations. We develop original formats which help you convey strategic content while highly involving the participants. Sometimes, we use digital facilitation tools, but we often prefer low tech approaches in order to maximize the group’s attention.

Alternating individual time and collective time

Collaborative work should not mean that the individual makes way to the collective. We are careful to ensure each and everyone has a voice and participates fully, depending on their talents or preferred means of social interaction.

Change the format of your upcoming seminars!

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